Blog #9: A Time for Gratitude


As we approach the end of the year, I would like to say ‘thank you’ to two people who make it possible for me to stay involved in the care of women with endometriosis.

First, I would like to thank Dr Ken Sinervo. Ken makes it possible for me to continue to see patients at the CEC. This is due to his generosity. When I remember the things that I was teaching Ken, I smile as I consider the things that he could now teach me.

Second, I would like to say thank you to Heather Guidone. Heather is the most knowledgeable person that I know in the field of woman’s healthcare. She not only knows ‘endometriosis’ care, but she knows virtually everyone who cares. This is not only in the area of ‘endo’ treatment, but also in the area of public awareness.

Ken and Heather –
Thank you.

Dr Bob

Stay tuned for more from Dr Bob on the pain of endometriosis, coming soon!

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One thought on “Blog #9: A Time for Gratitude

  1. I would like to add my thanks to Dr. Sinervo and to Heather, as well as to YOU Dr. Albee! I will never forget my first conversation with Heather- it was the first time I felt understood and that I wasn’t alone.
    I will always remember the first call from YOU as well Dr. Albee! Especially as it was a Saturday morning. You have all changed my life and there is no possible verbal way to gratitude; but just the same, THANK YOU

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