My Endometriosis Experience…

Welcome! A brief introduction to my blog:

I began specializing in the treatment of patients with endometriosis (and unexplained pelvic pain) in 1990. At that time, I stopped seeing obstetric patients (something I dearly loved) altogether and launched the Center For Endometriosis Care, one of the first tertiary referral centers in the world dedicated to the disease. The Center, and the addition of a partner, provided me with a unique opportunity to personally have long term follow-up of a large group of patients diagnosed and treated for endometriosis through Laparoscopic Excision, or what I termed, “LAPEX.” I made the decision to focus on this group of patients because effectively treating the ‘endo’ patient was, in my mind, one of the greatest challenges that I faced year after year. I knew in my heart that there had to be a better method of treatment – LAPEX – and¬†practitioners needed to stop failing our endo patients. Today, that group of patients has grown to over 5,000 hailing from more than 50 countries.

As I retired from surgery (in 2013), I have had more time to devote to helping the endo community with understanding the ‘modern concepts’ of the disease and to aiding patients with informed decision making. This blog is part of that effort.

Using a blog makes it possible for many people to get answers to the commonly asked questions I have received over the years (and still do today), in a manner that is easy to understand and at no expense. I also think will be a personally rewarding experience for me as well, and I am delighted to have you along for journey!